Perfect Time to Buy a Swimming Pool

When you are in the market to buy a swimming pool, you might want to run out and start looking or making phone calls as soon as possible. While it’s fine to do your research as soon as possible, you wouldn’t be doing yourself a good service by getting started right away. There is a perfect time of year to buy a swimming pool.

First of all, you want to have the pool by the summer so that’s not the perfect time of year to buy a swimming pool. It would take a contractor all summer long to build it and then you’d have to wait until the following year to enjoy it.

The next season we can eliminate right off the bat is winter. Unless you live in a tropical place, the winter can be the worst time of year to have a swimming pool built. Even if you don’t have snow on the ground, the ground itself would cause issues that might not be viable for a healthy swimming pool come summer.

So with spring and fall left, it’s not an easy choice to make. But, I have a few ideas for you to consider. Contractors are often swamped come spring. Because of that alone, they would easily be able to raise their rates and that won’t do you any good.

So many people forget about the fall. Summer is over and the swimming has stopped. It’s the last thing on everyone’s mind. But, the contractors are hurting. Their business takes a hit in the fall and that’s the best time to give them a call.

If you start making plans with a contractor before the weather starts to freeze, you’ll be able to make some great deals. You’ll be able to get cheaper labor rates for one thing. They have control over how much they charge you for their time. That creates a buffer they can use to negotiate better rates. So, you should take advantage of the fact that a contractor might need your business and push your weight around. They would do it to you if the shoe was on the other foot.

Not only labor rates though, but you can also save money on materials. When business is good and people are beating the doors down to get a swimming pool, contractors put plenty of buffers in their estimates. They add money to the materials they get as well. Do your research! You’ll find that there are plenty of overcharges on the materials.

If you have prices in your head, or better yet on a spreadsheet, you can surprise a contractor when you can quote prices yourself. Don’t hesitate to get specific about materials. Find out exactly how much materials it will take to get build your pool. Don’t hesitate to put the conversation on hold. It gives the contractor time to think about what you are doing or finding out as you take a day or two to find out prices on your own. When you come back, that contractor just might surprise you with a beautiful deal on your swimming pool.

When business is down, you are the only business a contractor will get. That might not be an accurate statement, but that’s how you have to think. Beings you’re the key to their survival, you deserve credit for it. Don’t feel guilty about it all!

Swimming Pool Covers Protect You In More Ways Than One

Swimming pool covers are very useful add ons for saving you money by reducing your heating and cleaning costs. But they serve a few important other purposes as well.

Safety is always a big issue if you have a swimming pool. There is the issue of drowning, of course. But there is also the issue of someone inadvertently falling into the pool. This is especially true at night or when alcoholic drinks are involved. One way of alleviating the possibility of anyone falling into your pool is to ensure that, when not in use, it is covered with a pool cover that is sturdy enough to walk on. Usually, these kinds of covers will be made of a fiberglass mesh which can hold someone from 350 to just over 400 pounds easily. So it can easily hold the weight of a child who might inadvertently get too close to the pool edge.

A cover is also used for protecting your pool. It is great for keeping out unwanted animals such as squirrels, raccoons and other animals that can bring dirt and possibly diseases into the pool environment. But it helps to keep out uninvited human visitors as well. And, it helps to protect the pool against the elements.

For example, in high winds, it is not unusual for tree branches, twigs, insects, and the like to blow into your backyard area and into the pool. Pool covers prevent these from polluting your swimming pool. And, in cold weather environments, pool covers help to protect the pool during the long winter months. So when summer arrives the following year, clean up will be much less of a hassle and chore.

Swimming pools are one of the biggest luxury items that you can buy for a home. It is also one of the most expensive. So you want to take great care in treating it will. Swimming pool covers allow you to do that.

Many wonder if it is necessary to have covers for portable pools as well. If the pool is one of the cheaper inflatable pools then probably not, as you will simply empty it when done. But if it is a well constructed and sturdy portable pool which is put up in the beginning of the summer and left there for the entire season, then it is probably best to get a pool cover for it. In this instance, it serves the same benefits that a cover provides for the larger built in pools.

Swimming Pool Safety – Six Rules To Keep Safe This Summer

Property owners with swimming pools in Melbourne should follow certain guidelines to keep their backyard water bodies safe. Too often, fatal accidents happen involving both above ground, and in-ground swimming pools. These tragic events could have been avoided if the home owners had only paid closer attention to the following simple safety rules.

Rule #1: Continuous supervision

Never leave a pet or a child unsupervised near a swimming pool in Melbourne. Young children are not aware of the dangers around them, nor do they understand what will happen if they fall into the pool and nobody is around to fish them out. Toddlers only want to explore. Whenever you are unable to supervise your young children and their friends, properly lock all doors and windows leading to the area where your swimming pool is located. If you forget to lock just one exit, that will be the one your little explorer will find and use to escape.

Rule #2: Adequate fences

All swimming pools in Melbourne should have a physical boundary. A wooden or metal fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate will keep children, pets and unwanted guests out – the safety latch should be at a height children cannot reach. You could also install an alarm system that goes off any time someone sneaks into the pool area without your permission. Frequently inspect your fence, and schedule repairs immediately, if needed.

Rule # 3: Preparations

When you have the family over for a swim, or are hosting a pool party, make sure that you have a phone nearby. If an accident happens, you need to get a hold of emergency services right away. In addition, have plenty of floating devices for your guests. Even if they are not going into the water right away, dress your younger guests with life jackets or floating arm bands. Always keep several floating devices in and around in-ground swimming pools.

Rule #4: Know CPR

Consider yourself a lifeguard whenever you are supervising your swimming pool in Melbourne. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) courses can be taken in a classroom setting or through online courses. Being familiar with CPR techniques might save your child’s life when drowning, or even other people who suddenly stop breathing. Retake the course every so often to keep the instructions fresh in your mind.

Rule #5: Permission slips

It may seem silly to ask for pool permission slips from the parents of your children’s friends, but do it anyway. It is better to be safe, than sorry. Some parents may even decide to hang around to help supervise. What a great way to make new friends!

Rule #6: Separating deep and shallow pool sides

Non-swimmers should not wander off to the deep end of your swimming pool in Melbourne. String a rope across the pool, so the children will know exactly in which area they can play. Reward the ones who remain in the shallow end of the pool and obey the rules.

Residential Plumbing Design and Remodeling: What’s the Connection?

Although it may not seem like it, our residential plumbing system greatly affects the way our home looks. If you walk into any kitchen the first things to notice around would be the appliances and the sinks, for a washroom it would be the tiles, the cabinets, sinks and plumbing fixtures etc. These items are included in any remodeling job, be it in a new house or the home we reside in. At times, people tend to overlook these small but crucial items, and choose them without giving their choices very much thought. These decisions eventually lead to huge bills for restoration or replacements.

Residential plumbing system and the designs it comes in should be part and parcel of any remodeling or new home venture. When you remodel your plumbing system, you should take into account both style and functionality. Search websites and browse in home renovation magazines to see what are the latest trends in plumbing fixtures, be it for your kitchen or your bathroom. Remember that when it comes to plumbing system components, you should always opt for quality, because anything less than that is bound to cause future problems.

Budget is obviously a top priority when it comes to home remodeling projects. Buying sinks, faucets, showers and other plumbing fixtures can take a heavy toll on your pocket, sometimes amounting to a total cost which exceeds all your plans and estimates. While you should certainly not embark on a project you will not be able to pay for, do not forget that price is also indicative of quality and excellence, and this is something you would not want to settle on.

If you’re renovating a house you already live in, you will most likely want to replace the existing plumbing fixtures. If you’re building a new house, the plumbing system will need to be installed from scratch, meaning that pipes, fittings, traps and other vital components will have to be placed accurately and correctly, and qualified experts will be required for the job. Make sure you hire plumbing professionals, because you do not want to find out when it’s already too late that your brand new plumbing system is simply not working.

Basics of Commercial Plumbing

When you set up an establishment, make sure you find the right people to take care of the commercial plumbing system. Compromising on the quality of materials shouldn’t be a consideration when hiring a plumber, whereas thinking long term should. Yes, cost cutting when starting a set up is important, but that can be done only after you get the right best plumbing services for your place of business. When you hire experts like Seattle plumbers you can rest assured they would know how to keep the plumbing system functioning properly for all your commercial needs.

There are many advantages to hiring professionals. First and foremost, you know you are in good hands. The paperwork involved in commercial plumbing jobs could be quite extensive, so placing it in the qualified and experienced hands of professionals will take a load off you and allow you to concentrate on your business.

If you are running an eatery, it could be as demanding as a start up, requiring you to take care of customer service, food quality, hygiene and most importantly plumbing systems. Office restrooms also require constant maintenance and upkeep, particularly because they serve many users. No need to feel discouraged, however, because the plumbing experts in Seattle will help you out. From installation, to set ups, maintenance, and use of the powerful and advanced plumbing tools, they will handle the procedure, from start to finish.

If you need commercial plumbing services, it is recommended to hire a plumber qualified in commercial plumbing work, and not a residential plumber. References from business colleagues and company owners would be helpful, and could ensure you that you have hired a trustworthy plumber, who is thoroughly familiar with commercial building regulations.

It is precisely the expertise and responsibility of Seattle plumbers which make them the perfect choice for any commercial plumbing work.

Kitchen Remodeling – Quality Results For a Low Cost

The recent economic crisis has taught a lot of homeowners to be careful about how they spend their money. Even now that the economy is on its way to recovery, a lot of people are still faced with many financial issues. Still, home improvement remains popular not only as an investment to boost property value but also make everyday less stressful by enhancing the quality of living. To enjoy both benefits, there is no better way to start than with renovating the heart of your New York home. And to bring about quality results out of kitchen remodeling at a low cost, here are tips ideal whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island or Brooklyn.

Kitchen Remodeling Plan

First and foremost, one of the gravest mistakes that many homeowners commit is not planning enough. No matter how small the budget may be, a sound and well-detailed plan will be as crucial as when you are dealing with a huge renovation project. Kitchen remodeling involves a lot of home materials and features from the basics such as flooring to ceiling, and to the more complex such as plumbing. Planning meticulously is another potent way to avoid mistakes and wasting money.


There are several reasons why you would want to undertake kitchen remodeling and these may fall under the family’s needs or wants. To start, create a list of areas needing some updating and repair as well as other things that you want done. Enlist in an order according to your priorities. It is important to note that repair and maintenance should be on top. This helps prevent the damages from getting worse which will end you up with more problems as well as larger costs to face. Starting on these tasks would also allow for functionality and efficiency in the kitchen to be heightened.

High Impact, Low Cost

If after your evaluation of the area, there is not much to repair; this leaves more of the budget to spend on other tasks. Focus on low cost yet high impact jobs to integrate into your kitchen remodeling project such as:

  • RTA kitchen cabinets
  • Backsplash tiles
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Wall painting
  • Change or refinish flooring
  • Accessories

Spend Smart

When spending, keep in mind that you should do so smartly and not cheaply. This means still getting the quality that you and your home deserve without spending too much. Some of the ways that you can cutback on cost without sacrificing quality is:

  1. Buy good quality construction and renovation supplies at a discount. There are annual store sales that you should watch out for. Other ways to avail of great deals at top price is through buying in bulk, buying local, and most importantly doing brand and feature comparisons.
  2. If you plan on a kitchen remodeling that involves more than a facelift, hiring a qualified contractor would be best especially if the job involves plumbing and wiring. Being a job that can be done indoors, schedule the renovation on non-peak seasons to get services at promotional costs.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift With These Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodeling is a necessary job that homeowners have to undertake in order to keep up with changing times. Remodeling a kitchen is the best way to give the place a different appearance and ensure it functions well enough for modern times. If you are planning kitchen remodeling Bethesda, there are a number of professionals who can help you. However, you should first consider your requirements before hiring anyone.

Factors to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is not a simple job and requires a number of choices to be made. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when going about planning this job.

Walls and Floors

This is the first concern when remodeling a kitchen. Most homeowners like to change the colors of their walls and floors. It is best to pick the color of the walls first and then the kind of flooring you want. This way you can be sure that the two will complement each other perfectly. However, if you only plan on changing the wall color, ensure it matches the floor so that the aesthetics aren’t affected.


Ideally, getting custom made cabinets is the best option when remodeling a kitchen. This is because it allows homeowners to select an appropriate size and design of the cabinets based on the kitchen layout. However, if your kitchen has a regular layout and you don’t want to spend too much, you can always choose ready-made cabinets.


This is another important consideration in kitchen remodeling as it affects the appearance and functionality of the place. Based on your kitchen design and budget, you can select from granite, steel, marble and wood countertops. Granite, marble and wood are ideal if aesthetics is your major concern. However, if you are worried about budget and cleanliness, stainless steel is a better option.

Apart from these, you should also consider the appliances you use when carrying out kitchen remodeling in Bethesda. If they are working fine, you can simply clean them up and continue using them. However, if any appliances are worn out and old, replacing them is a good idea as it will add to the aesthetics and functionality of your new kitchen.

Home Inspections In NY And NJ – How To Make It Less Stressful

The home buying process can be confusing and stressful. Not only do you need to consider things such as price and location, you also have to worry about whether the house itself has any problems that could become costly surprises down the road.

Getting the right Home Inspections is becoming a very crucial decision.

The Home Inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. It provides you an expert opinion and professional report on the condition of the physical structure and various systems within a house. Giving you peace of mind on what is likely the largest purchase you will ever make.

In order to prepare the report, an inspector must conduct a visual inspection of the house. The inspection process typically takes about 3 hours to complete. This of course may vary, according to the size and condition of the home. You are strongly encouraged to accompany the inspector during the inspection. This will give you a chance to ask questions and become familiar with the systems of the home.

The inspector will inspect all the structural elements and systems of the home. Items that will typically be included in an inspection are:

Framing (structure)

Roof and attic



Electrical system

Plumbing system

Heating and air conditioning systems



Additional items and systems unique to a particular home can also be inspected.

When the inspection is complete, the inspector should tell you of any problems that were discovered and discuss them with you. The inspector will also tell you about any routine maintenance that should be performed, as well as answer any questions you may have. You should also receive a full written report of the inspection.

The goal is to discover and inform you of anything that is found that might affect your purchase decision. The inspector should tell you about any problems that was found, and make repair recommendations. You should also be informed of what maintenance tasks are required to keep the home and its systems in top condition.

Home Inspection – Queens – Get the Best Value While Buying a Home For Yourself

The city of New York might offer you a lot of home buying options. The borough of Queens being one of the most sought after addresses most of the people dream to own a piece of property here. But, buying a property suiting your budget can be a back-breaking task. Plus, the hidden costs in the form of repairs yet to be undertaken, is an issue that might need your undivided attention. To avoid unnecessary problems later on, one needs the services of a home inspection queens professional. Time being a valuable asset for most of the people now, services like these, is needed on an increased basis. The personnel hired should be trustworthy and committed to find for you a right piece of property.

You will realize later on that hiring the services of queens’ inspector is worthwhile because of the fact that this saves you from a lot of problems. There are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into account before you finalize a deal with the builder. A home inspection queen brings for you a professional service, which deals with the inspection of the houses. Being the people, who handle these kinds of tasks very well, they go ahead in a stepwise manner before giving you a go-ahead for buying any house. Their rates vary greatly depending upon the situation. Many of them go by the pay per hour, which is $300. The kind of details they go into while selecting a house for you might get overlooked, if you go ahead on your own. You should select home inspection queens professional, who charges you quite fairly.

Many of the realtors will suggest you the home inspectors they know, believing in the fact they might overlook many important details. Obviously, they have a stake here. But some of the good home inspectors in Queens will make it sure that they go for the kill. For a proper checking they will look outside the home. This is to make sure the land on which the house is standing, is of high quality. If the soil shows signs of pooling or retaining the water, then that is an indicator of moisture on the basement or the walls. The home inspection Queens personnel see to it that the earth should slope away from the foundation of the house.

The charges you pay the home inspection service personnel depend upon the area you are putting in. The rates are fixed on the kind of amount you pay for any house, but that is generally within reach. As the realtors might suggest you the services of an inexperienced home inspector in Queens, it is for you to decide who you are going to associate with. A bit depends upon your intuition or the suggestions of friends. The decision, however, finally rests with you, to spot a trained home inspection Queens professional. A ready pointer towards this direction would be to check the past handling of these cases by the home inspectors. And if you are able to successfully do that, be assured of a house free of most of the avoidable conditions.

Using Bathroom Sealant to Create an Effective Barrier to Mildew and Mould

Mould and mildew in bathrooms are both unattractive and unhygienic. They can also present problems to anybody with allergies, causing sore throats, coughing and eye irritation. Mildew loves warm and damp conditions and our bathrooms and kitchens contain the ideal environments for it to develop. If mildew does develop it can also lead to further problems causing damage to woodwork and possibly leading to rot. Bathrooms in particular are susceptible as they can be the most humid rooms in our homes.

An effective bathroom sealant will help to combat the development of mould or mildew; the most vulnerable areas in a bathroom are baths, sinks, showers and toilets. If moisture is allowed to penetrate into cracks and joints that can be found between these features and the walls of the room, it will lead to the formation of moulds and mildew in the cavities around and below them. These areas will be difficult, if not impossible, to access for cleaning and must therefore be sealed properly.

Bathroom sealant is manufactured from silicone, which provides a strong, permanent rubber seal. Sealant is a straightforward product to use, whether you are experienced in DIY or not. Modern varieties of bathroom sealant are supplied in many different colours – so can be easily matched to any decorating scheme – though white or clear products remain the most common and most popular.

Normally supplied in tubes of 300 – 500ml Bathroom Sealant will come with a simple application nozzle, and the product is best used in conjunction with a decorator’s gun. Once fitted to the gun, the nozzle should be cut at a diagonal angle. You will not need a large hole in the nozzle to produce an adequate bead of the material – it is better to cut a small hole at first which can be enlarged if required.

Before application ensure the surfaces are clean and dry. Silicone has good adhesive qualities, but dust or damp will affect its performance. To apply the silicone, tilt the gun at an angle of 45 degrees. To create an even bead of the silicone apply a light pressure to the gun and try to finish each run in one single stroke, keeping an even pressure on the gun. This should result in a single uniform bead of the material. The easiest method for then smoothing the material to create a neat finish is simply to dampen the tip of your finger and run it along the bead; check that the seal is complete and leave to dry. Modern silicone products will dry quickly at room temperature – for individual products check the manufacturers’ instructions before using baths and showers.

Once applied the silicone will provide a hygienic and attractive finish to your bathroom, the materials durability should mean that it will protect your bathroom for many years. If future re-applications are needed the material can be easily removed and replaced. To ensure the ‘health’ of your bathroom apply a good quality bathroom sealant to prevent dampness, mildew and mould from developing.