Add A Touch Of Modern Style With Walk In Showers

The modern bathroom marries style and sophistication with standard function to create a setup that goes beyond the basics. Walk in showers have a place in this updated design with their streamlined look and minimalist appeal.

Your bathroom’s layout doesn’t have to conform to an old standard. Walk in showers take up less space than a traditional bath and shower combination, which helps to create a fresh, open look. This low key construction frees up space for other bathroom furniture and can allow you to have a bathtub separate from the shower if you so desire. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of having a big, stand-alone claw foot tub but still prefer the convenience of a shower, a walk in shower gives you the ability to have both. Walk in showers are also a plus when working to maximize space in smaller bathrooms. Upgrading an outdated setup can get a large, clunky bathtub out of the way and allow you to more easily share space during the morning routine.

Maintenance is a special concern with bathrooms, since mold, bacteria, and soap scum are more likely to build up there than in any other room. The largely flat-bottomed construction of most walk in showers means no tub ring to scrub and, since many enclosures are constructed with more glass and less tile than a traditional bath-and-shower setup, the walls are also easier to clean. Rather than spending time on your hands and knees trying to scrub away stubborn stains, you can simply wipe down the shower walls to keep the enclosure looking its best.

An added bonus of walk in showers is their safety factor. Elderly people and individuals with specific physical challenges may find it difficult to climb in and out of a tub. Those who have taken a fall in the past, whether in or out of the shower, might be wary of the potential slick surface in the bottom of a bath. The construction of walk in showers eliminates these concerns by allowing you to simply step in and start bathing.

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