Homecare Medical Equipment Increases Bath Safety

As people get older, they become less steady on their feet. It is more difficult for them to take baths and showers, but it is also often a matter of pride at being able to do so when possible. For senior citizens and those who have had recent injuries or surgery, using a bath chair or shower stool is a safer way to bathe. When mobility is limited, other accessories can be installed or added to the patient’s bathroom to limit the risks of falling. These specially designed devices can be purchased from online homecare medical equipment suppliers. When the patient is unsure of what type to buy or what would be most beneficial, it is best to consult their healthcare provider. They should use items specially made for the bathroom, shower or bathtub. Home medical equipment that is exposed to water will not rust or deteriorate.

Shower Chair
There are a variety of shower chairs on the market. They allow the user to sit down comfortably while bathing. This is especially helpful for people that rely on walkers, canes and crutches to get around. Different styles work for different patients. For example, the stool has no arms and fits places a regular shower chair will not, while chairs with arms are more helpful for those needing extra support getting in and out. The arms may get in the way of bathing, depending on a person’s size and abilities. A bench is longer than a stool and makes more room for propping up feet for cleaning and rinsing or for shaving the legs. Shower chairs should be equipped with nonskid tips on the bottom of the legs to prevent movement and marring the tub or shower surface. Some models have leveling feet to prevent tipping.

Bathtub Rails & Grab Bars
Having something to grasp when climbing in and out of the bathtub helps prevent slipping and injuries. Use different styles of rails with one level or two. They may be long, fitting over the edge of the tub, or may be installed in the side of the wall, shower or tub to help steady the person as they maneuver to the bathing area. These home medical products often come in stainless steel or in a specially treated bar coated in white. Both are effective, and are a matter of personal taste and how well they blend with bathroom decor.

Bath Accessories
One of the most popular bath accessories in home medical supplies is the hand-held shower head. It enables the user to maneuver the water over them, rather than trying to move underneath the water. For people with mobility difficulties, this makes bathing much easier and safer. A variety of bath mats and shower mats offer features such as a thermal spa or slip-and-fall prevention.

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