Kitchen Remodeling – Quality Results For a Low Cost

The recent economic crisis has taught a lot of homeowners to be careful about how they spend their money. Even now that the economy is on its way to recovery, a lot of people are still faced with many financial issues. Still, home improvement remains popular not only as an investment to boost property value but also make everyday less stressful by enhancing the quality of living. To enjoy both benefits, there is no better way to start than with renovating the heart of your New York home. And to bring about quality results out of kitchen remodeling at a low cost, here are tips ideal whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island or Brooklyn.

Kitchen Remodeling Plan

First and foremost, one of the gravest mistakes that many homeowners commit is not planning enough. No matter how small the budget may be, a sound and well-detailed plan will be as crucial as when you are dealing with a huge renovation project. Kitchen remodeling involves a lot of home materials and features from the basics such as flooring to ceiling, and to the more complex such as plumbing. Planning meticulously is another potent way to avoid mistakes and wasting money.


There are several reasons why you would want to undertake kitchen remodeling and these may fall under the family’s needs or wants. To start, create a list of areas needing some updating and repair as well as other things that you want done. Enlist in an order according to your priorities. It is important to note that repair and maintenance should be on top. This helps prevent the damages from getting worse which will end you up with more problems as well as larger costs to face. Starting on these tasks would also allow for functionality and efficiency in the kitchen to be heightened.

High Impact, Low Cost

If after your evaluation of the area, there is not much to repair; this leaves more of the budget to spend on other tasks. Focus on low cost yet high impact jobs to integrate into your kitchen remodeling project such as:

  • RTA kitchen cabinets
  • Backsplash tiles
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Wall painting
  • Change or refinish flooring
  • Accessories

Spend Smart

When spending, keep in mind that you should do so smartly and not cheaply. This means still getting the quality that you and your home deserve without spending too much. Some of the ways that you can cutback on cost without sacrificing quality is:

  1. Buy good quality construction and renovation supplies at a discount. There are annual store sales that you should watch out for. Other ways to avail of great deals at top price is through buying in bulk, buying local, and most importantly doing brand and feature comparisons.
  2. If you plan on a kitchen remodeling that involves more than a facelift, hiring a qualified contractor would be best especially if the job involves plumbing and wiring. Being a job that can be done indoors, schedule the renovation on non-peak seasons to get services at promotional costs.

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