Perfect Time to Buy a Swimming Pool

When you are in the market to buy a swimming pool, you might want to run out and start looking or making phone calls as soon as possible. While it’s fine to do your research as soon as possible, you wouldn’t be doing yourself a good service by getting started right away. There is a perfect time of year to buy a swimming pool.

First of all, you want to have the pool by the summer so that’s not the perfect time of year to buy a swimming pool. It would take a contractor all summer long to build it and then you’d have to wait until the following year to enjoy it.

The next season we can eliminate right off the bat is winter. Unless you live in a tropical place, the winter can be the worst time of year to have a swimming pool built. Even if you don’t have snow on the ground, the ground itself would cause issues that might not be viable for a healthy swimming pool come summer.

So with spring and fall left, it’s not an easy choice to make. But, I have a few ideas for you to consider. Contractors are often swamped come spring. Because of that alone, they would easily be able to raise their rates and that won’t do you any good.

So many people forget about the fall. Summer is over and the swimming has stopped. It’s the last thing on everyone’s mind. But, the contractors are hurting. Their business takes a hit in the fall and that’s the best time to give them a call.

If you start making plans with a contractor before the weather starts to freeze, you’ll be able to make some great deals. You’ll be able to get cheaper labor rates for one thing. They have control over how much they charge you for their time. That creates a buffer they can use to negotiate better rates. So, you should take advantage of the fact that a contractor might need your business and push your weight around. They would do it to you if the shoe was on the other foot.

Not only labor rates though, but you can also save money on materials. When business is good and people are beating the doors down to get a swimming pool, contractors put plenty of buffers in their estimates. They add money to the materials they get as well. Do your research! You’ll find that there are plenty of overcharges on the materials.

If you have prices in your head, or better yet on a spreadsheet, you can surprise a contractor when you can quote prices yourself. Don’t hesitate to get specific about materials. Find out exactly how much materials it will take to get build your pool. Don’t hesitate to put the conversation on hold. It gives the contractor time to think about what you are doing or finding out as you take a day or two to find out prices on your own. When you come back, that contractor just might surprise you with a beautiful deal on your swimming pool.

When business is down, you are the only business a contractor will get. That might not be an accurate statement, but that’s how you have to think. Beings you’re the key to their survival, you deserve credit for it. Don’t feel guilty about it all!

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