Swimming Pool Safety – Six Rules To Keep Safe This Summer

Property owners with swimming pools in Melbourne should follow certain guidelines to keep their backyard water bodies safe. Too often, fatal accidents happen involving both above ground, and in-ground swimming pools. These tragic events could have been avoided if the home owners had only paid closer attention to the following simple safety rules.

Rule #1: Continuous supervision

Never leave a pet or a child unsupervised near a swimming pool in Melbourne. Young children are not aware of the dangers around them, nor do they understand what will happen if they fall into the pool and nobody is around to fish them out. Toddlers only want to explore. Whenever you are unable to supervise your young children and their friends, properly lock all doors and windows leading to the area where your swimming pool is located. If you forget to lock just one exit, that will be the one your little explorer will find and use to escape.

Rule #2: Adequate fences

All swimming pools in Melbourne should have a physical boundary. A wooden or metal fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate will keep children, pets and unwanted guests out – the safety latch should be at a height children cannot reach. You could also install an alarm system that goes off any time someone sneaks into the pool area without your permission. Frequently inspect your fence, and schedule repairs immediately, if needed.

Rule # 3: Preparations

When you have the family over for a swim, or are hosting a pool party, make sure that you have a phone nearby. If an accident happens, you need to get a hold of emergency services right away. In addition, have plenty of floating devices for your guests. Even if they are not going into the water right away, dress your younger guests with life jackets or floating arm bands. Always keep several floating devices in and around in-ground swimming pools.

Rule #4: Know CPR

Consider yourself a lifeguard whenever you are supervising your swimming pool in Melbourne. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) courses can be taken in a classroom setting or through online courses. Being familiar with CPR techniques might save your child’s life when drowning, or even other people who suddenly stop breathing. Retake the course every so often to keep the instructions fresh in your mind.

Rule #5: Permission slips

It may seem silly to ask for pool permission slips from the parents of your children’s friends, but do it anyway. It is better to be safe, than sorry. Some parents may even decide to hang around to help supervise. What a great way to make new friends!

Rule #6: Separating deep and shallow pool sides

Non-swimmers should not wander off to the deep end of your swimming pool in Melbourne. String a rope across the pool, so the children will know exactly in which area they can play. Reward the ones who remain in the shallow end of the pool and obey the rules.

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